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  "KP Boisseau (BWA-SO) " 

Founder/CEO Film Director

    Born and raised in NY, KP was a child that adapted to the hip hop culture of graffiti and music. He came from a rough neighborhood influenced by gangs, drugs and violence. In his pursuit of growing into a leader and businessman he learned a lot from his environment and the meaning of community and inspiring others. Considering where he grew up he never took any part in the negative but looking at ways to help people to become better and more conscious of their surroundings. Fitness became a big deal in his life while he was being a hip-hop recording artist on how staying healthy and fit helped with the overall performance and confidence that ignited him. While doing this he realized he needs a brand that others can identify and be inspired by. Something that is meaningful and to keep people engaged. This developed an idea into clothing not just any other clothing but a fitness apparel. As time developed using social media platforms can capture an audience attention and  this is where Lycan Media comes into executed and push forward the new wave of inspiration and embracing the culture.

I have had many obstacles and doubts that I was faced with. I believed in change so much, that I doubted changing. At the same time, I know my story, my struggle, my tears and pain can be relatable to many people. We face many things in life and as a community of healthy human beings it allowed me to grow and fight harder when doubt pressed me to give up. I must not fear opportunity and elevation. Success wants me to capture it and live to my fullest potential. I have people who I love and I want to see do better. There are youth who need direction, truth and inspiration. They need something or someone to look up to and I am here to give them that inspiration.


"My purposes in life is to find those like me who can influence and inspire the youth. My plan was to develop a media company that would shed light on our brand and those affiliated with it. I want to show the world on how people can connect, give back and change lives. God, family, fitness, music and hip hop culture changed me and inspired me to be more than who I was. It helped me find myself and create a avenue for those undiscovered like me. I welcome you to Lycan Media. digital a company dedicated to create visuals for your story."

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Ken Alston "Mortal Athlete"


       Videographer/Photographer/Fitness Enthusiast

Kendall was born in New Jersey from a mother that's a singer and a father that was a jazz musician as well as a bodybuilder. He was groomed at a young age to be ambitious yet humble. As the years passed it was various trials that he overcame that shaped him to be the individual he is today. He realized there's greater joy in giving rather than receiving, building rather than destroying, loving rather than hating. So he spent time learning how he can take what he loves doing and using it to help others. So as a fitness enthusiasts Kendall'a aim is to use videos, social media, and photographs to help encourage as well as motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to show everyone that it can be done no matter your shape or size.

"My motto in life is "I am not better than anyone, but I strive to be better than everyone!" Better in the sense more humble, more encouraging, more respectful, more positive, and more empathetic than others. We live in a world surrounded by negativity. My goal is to add some positivity in people's lives even if it's just one person, because that means that one person's life could have been changed for the better. I plan to do so by way of focusing on willing individuals that try to live a healthy lifestyle. These willing indivduals will range from young to old, mothers and fathers, to personal trainers and your average person trying to stay in shape.


By focusing on their diet plans, their workout routines, and goals I am trying to help others see that living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is possible. Magazines as well as media may not make it easy to get motivated due to what some may perceive as an unattainable goal. By introducing individuals from various backgrounds you there are different levels of remaining healthy and it can be achieved. So I welcome all individuals to join me on my journey as I document others to show everyone that we all can become great, with one health conscious step at a time, as Mortal Athletes!"

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                      Wolf "Alpha Lycan"

  Bar-Athlete/Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach


    WOLF started exercising back in July the year 2000, 23 year

old WOLF started weight lifting & managed to gain a bench

press of 410 lb. which at the time was double of what he

weighed . His physical life changed over the years and he

slowly leaned more towards calisthenics, seeing a better

transformation in his physical appearance & capabilities. In

the mid 2011, he became part of a extreme bar athletic/

calisthenics team called BEASTMODE with whom he was

able to better him self in the fitness craft .


When WOLF started, he weighed about 215 lb. & gained

about 15 extra pounds of muscle . His weight has been up &

down mainly between 201 lb. - 220 lb., but maintaining a

lean body fat percentage of 8%-10% percent .

His workout regiment is about doing high reps with a strict

form, full extensions & full contraction movements .

Including proper breathing & a desire to bring a burning

pain to the muscles .This dedicated workout also includes a

sufficient cardio routine, all matched with a very important

smart healthy eating lifestyle .


His influences for fitness range from his uncles, guys he

grew up around & body builders . Also movie stars,

entertainers & bar athletes such as Lord Vital,Prince Kong &

Raging Juice. WOLF recently started an extreme bar athlete

calisthenics team called The LYCAN COUNCIL / Lifestyle

of Calisthenics.


In 5 years time I would like to make a name for myself & the

LYCAN COUNCIL in the fitness world. By helping people

around the globe, performing as their personal trainer to

help them with their fitness & health goals . I want to show

people on how to condition yourself physically, biologically

& mentally to live better, stronger & longer.


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