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The Lifting Young Communities Against Negativity Initiative" or simply, "The LYCANS Initiative." 


Our Non-Profit 501(c)(3) program serves as a conduit, forging strong connections between surrounding organizations in order to develop and maintain a cohesive tapestry of vital resources. We believe that by strengthening the foundation of our Northampton adolescents, we are ensuring a brighter future for their adulthood.


It is important to note that The LYCANS Initiative does not seek to replace or overshadow any existing programs. Rather, we aim to connect and support our adolescents and their families, guiding them towards the knowledge and understanding of the abundant elements available to support their achievements.


This initiative is designed with a clear purpose in mind - to keep our youth engaged and provide them with access to local resources that cater to their needs and foster their development. We firmly believe that by investing in their wellbeing, we are investing in the future of our community.

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