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Independent Multi Media Company


 LYCAN MEDIA DIGITAL is a digitized empowerment company dedicated to our community, especially our youth.We specialize in videography, photography, music production, fitness apparel design and calisthenics routines. With this we aim to help the youth in our communities develop self empowerment and a clear understanding of what they are capable of with these combined components. We believe in not only inspiring the youth,but you as well that is reading this.

Everyone and anyone is acceptable to change. So how do you begin? You have to believe and want change. You have to get rid of all negative thinking and anything that may hold you back from your goals. Your capable, you have goals and aspirations that include dreams.We must live ambitious and keep consistent thoughts which  establishes self determination.


Lets use this time to apply positive energy into someone to help their seed grow. Believe in who you are, never let negative energy take that away from you.

We all are gifted with gems that allow us to pass them on to others.Mental Heath Empowerment,combined with hip hop culture promotes people to embrace each other. Not only do they embrace, but they grow.

This is our lifestyle of living a Lycanfit happy productive life. A life we chose, to maintain self empowered repetitious actions that continuously build

healthy minded individuals.

Let us share our stories to help you find your inner happiness, that spark that ignites you and "says to you do want more out of your life?






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